Monday, 9 May 2011

I need new hackle pliers...badly!

It would be slightly dramatic to state how hackle pliers are the major annoyance of my life. To say, however, they are a source of irration would be quite true. I have owned a fair number of different types of hackle pliers in my time - all dissapointing, resigned to the far corners of my fly tying bench. I suspect I am missing a trick or two. A trick one would find expressed in a book by A K Best.  I am sure there is something I am doing wrong. Anyway, along with a order of fly tying materials yesterday evening I could not resist ordering a  pair by Marryat (seen below) for around £12. I know, not cheap. Yet, worth every penny if they are good - with less muttered expressions of anger and annoyance coming from my fly tying room.  I will post soon on their performance. Of course, and a bit late to ask, if anybody knows of a truely excellent pair of hackle pliers, please say. Thanks in advance. 

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  1. Martin,

    I havn't used the marryat one and I don't know exactly what your problem is with hackle pliers I suspect the usual slipping out of the hackle or maybe twisting the hackle when palmering. Hopefully this one works out for you,if not, try the J.Dorins J Hackle Pliers, I got mine at .The best I have used( I have a drawer full of the ''greatest'' pliers to hit the market). Never had a hackle slip or twist and they are so cheap you can buy two.