Thursday, 29 September 2011

Stimulating a touch of the Irish!

Did Randall Kaufmann ever imagine his stonefly imitation would be revised by Irish lough fishers? I suspect not. Yet this is the case. His dry stimulator pattern has evoked a range of Irish wet fly variants, collectively labelled, 'Irish Stimulators', funny enough! The original orange body has been replaced with some quiensessiential Irish colours, fiery brown and sooty olive, for example. Moreover, to provide the wet-fly touch, the cock hackles have been replaced with cock saddles or even hen. These variants are used on loughs as part of a three fly wet fly cast. Yet, to my thinking, this seems a bob fly supremo. The deer hair wing and the thoraxed hackle provide more boyancy than maybe your average Irish wet fly.
            As far I know, Mr Frankie McPhillips  - the Fermanagh based professional fly tyer - introduced Irish colours to the original. So I thought I would do some research to construct a list of established patterns for your eyes. 

Green Irish Stimulator (Frankie McPhillips)
Hook: Diachi
Tail: Red squirrel or bucktail
Body: Green olive Frankie McPhillips Dubbing (no 6), or similar
Rib: Gold oval
Body hackle: Green olive cock saddle
Wing: Deer Hair
Thorax: orange seals fur
Head Hackle: Grizzle dyed orange

Note: Frank McPhillips states that there are no hard and fast rules with the tail. You could use floss, wool, bucktail or artic fox hair as alternatives. 

Fiery Brown Irish Stimulator (Frankie McPhillips)
Hook: Diachi
Tail: Pheasant tail fibres
Body: Fiery Brown seals fur
Body hackle: Fiery brown cock saddle
 Wing: Deer Hair
Thorax: Orange seals
Head hackle: Grizzle dyed orange

Black Irish Stimulator (Frankie McPhillips)
Hook:Kamasan B170 size 10
Tail: Black squirrel hair or deer hair
Body: Black seals fur
Rib: Oval silver
Body hackle: Black cock saddle
Wing: Black deer hair
Thorax: Orange
Head: Grizzle cock saddle

This is considered effective for Sea-Trout. Try a blue hackle through the thorax area for another variant.

Peter Stimulator
Hook: Kamasan B170 size 10
Butt: red seals fur
Body: green seals fur
Rib: oval gold
Body hackle: red game cock saddle
Wing: Deer Hair
Thorax: Red seals fur
Head hackle: red game cock

A minor variation of that brilliant great Irish sedge pattern - 'The Green Peter'.

Golden Stimulator
Hook:  Kamasan B170

Tail: Golden pheasant tail dyed orange (or dyed squirrel)
Body: Golden olive seals fur
Rib: fine oval gold
Body hackle: golden olive cock
Wing: Golden Brown deer hair (or natural)
Thorax: Orange seals fur
Front hackle: Grizzle dyed golden brown (or orange dyed grizzle)


  1. Hi Martin,the flies are crazy stimulators!, cool version of the Randall,s originals whit a classic touch.

  2. Thanks very much Carlos. Yes, you are right, they look a bit crazy and much rougher, compared to the original. But very enjoyable to tie. All the best, Martin

  3. I've been tying stimulators for brown trout on the Mooi River here in Natal. Now I have lots of new ideas. Lovely flies!

  4. Thanks Phillip. I hope you have success with them.

  5. I just came across your blog, great stuff!

  6. Thank you Jersey Angler for the kind comment and for visting the blog. I hope you return. I have seen your blog - very impressed. Great photos. All the best, Martin

  7. Thanks Dustin. I am glad to see you are back blogging as well.