Thursday, 5 April 2012

Early season frills!

I had my first outing on a local reservoir. I was bursting with excitment to make the first cast of the season and hopefully to feel that addictive tug on the line. It was a bright, warm day with a gentle breeze - with some fish rising on the top later that afternoon - not a day one usually associates with early season fishing. Yet I persisted with the tactic of two lures and a daiwl bach on the dropper on a floating line. Although I did hear of fishers catching on the top with hoppers and shipmans.
I hooked five fish and landed them all - which is simply strange for me. I usually miss more than I catch.

Here are the killing flies:

Viva Variant
Hook: B175 size 10
Tag: Flou green thread
Body UV straggle fritz chennile black
Sides: Flu green goose boits
Wing: Black marabou (tied thinly)
Head: Flou Green thread

Olive Tadpole
Hook: Size 10 B175 Kamasan
Wing: Black Marabou
Body: Olive UV Straggle Fritz chennille
Underbody: Fine lead wire
Hackle: Natural Black Hen (tied collar style)
Paul Proctor advised this as an early season favourtie in the latest copy of Trout Fisherman magazine. Needless to say, I am glad I tied a few up. Gareth Evans (the Welsh fly fishing International) and writer in 'Trout Fisherman' advocates leaded underbodies when tying lures such as tadpoles. His theory is that leaded flies along the body only ensures the hook stays level to the fish throughout the retrieve and always fishes in the correct plane, making for more effective hook-ups when a fish takes.    


  1. Certainly a good start to your season, congratulations. Nice flies too.

  2. Thanks Phillips - yes, I was well pleased. I hope the Season has started your part of the world.

  3. Good ushering in! May the year continue as such!

  4. Thank you Erin and I hope you are keeping well. Tight lines to you for the forthcoming season and I hope you are tying away!