Sunday, 17 April 2011

Half Hogs

Yellow-brown half hog hopper
Hook: Kamasan B170 size 10
Body: Yellow seals fur
Rib: Pearl Luruex
Legs: Knotted pheasant tail
Wing: Yellow dear hair
Thorax: Fiery Brown seals fur

Harry Potter

Grendair half hog hopper
Hook: Kamasan B170
Body: red-orange seals fur 
 Rib: Pearl Lurex
Wing: Natural coastal deer hair
Legs: knotted pheasant tai
Thorax: Orange seals fur

Viva Half Hog Hopper
Hook: Kamasan B170
Body: Black seals fur
Tag: flou green thread
Rib: Pearl Lurex
Legs: Black pheasant tail knotted
Wing: Black coastal dear hair
Thorax: black seals fur

Tail: Dear hair fibres
Body: claret seals fur
Wing: : two parts dear hair. half rear and half fron of body
Hackle: Brown or red hen 

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