Sunday, 17 April 2011

Ken Sawada Trout Hooks

Last Christmas I acquired some hooks from Japan, by Ken Sawada. I came across Ken Sawada's name in various places - largely as an excellent fly dresser of traditional salmon flies so I wasn't that surprised to discover his on-line fly fishing and fly tying shop. Yet, his range of trout hooks certainly caught my eye, especially his lovely sproat and limerick bend classic wet fly hooks. Despite the unfavourable price on the Yen, I made a covert buying operation (from the wife)and bought several packets of the limerick and sproat bends in size 8 and 10, along with his long shank straight eye limerick bend hooks, for tying goslings, straddlebugs and mayflies etc.  Not dissapointed so far - they are very strong and a high quality look about them. The old limerick is well suited for that classic wet fly. I suppose the next test is hook hold from the fish...will let you know.  

A Rogan's Gosling wet mayfly tied on the 'Old Limerick Wet size 8'.

Tail: pheasent tail cock fibres
Body: golden olive seals fur
Rib: gold oval
Hackle: organge cock
Wing: Grey Mallard flank

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  1. I finally found a USA supplier for these and still yet to order but I always wanted to try them