Monday, 22 August 2011

Emerger buzzers... tying frenzy!

Before I beging this post, I would like to offer my sincere and probably overdue thanks for your readership to date and general support to the blog. I am touched by people all over the world checking the site and for all the kind comments provided. Thank you for making this an enjoyable new experience. I hope you continue to gain something from the blog.

My recent time on the bench has involved emerger buzzers (midges)-  a must for any summer evening on the lakes when fish become precocuppied with adults or emerging midges. I had great sport recently (as photo) with CDC type patterns which incited me to fill the box with them.  That said, they were very enjoyable to tie, working with CDC and mixing new shades for the body and thorax. I came across the excellent Dave McPhail tying a CDC emerger pattern where he mixed some pearl UV dubbing with orange seals fur for the thorax which simply looked deadly. So that was further inspiration.

 A CDC Bubble style buzzer worked very well that evening fishing fished on the point of a three fly 18ft cast. Yet I did pick up some further fish on a emerging hare's ear on the top dropper. I think the CDC emerger on the point keeps the droppers just right in the surface film.

 As for the killing pattern, the pattern below:

BBE Emerger (Black Bubble Emerger)

Hook: Kamasan B100
Shuck: A few strands of Z-lon or Antron looped
Body: Black silk, 
Thorax: a small amount of black seals fur mixed with pearl UV on shuck side of wing. Then deep red seals fur mixed with UV dubbing - that resides under the wing
Wing: Two CDC tied bubble style and allowed small section of the wing to sit beyond eye. 

For additional tyings, I spent some time finger-mixing some dubbing mixtures for the body and thorax, mostly seals fur and hare-ear. This is so enjoyable. I could spend hours mixing dubbings for developing new shades, never really knowing the outcome and often becoming amazed at my efforts - for good and bad. Indeed, by mixing you can gain some very subtle rich and complex shades. I don't think I always appreciated, until recently, the complexity of nature's colours and insects colouring. For many years of my fly tying I always just used single colours of dubbing. Yet, I do have a competing thought that precise imitation of form, including precise colours are not always necessary. Maybe so. I do recall, however, coming across an argument tendered by an excellent UK fly tier - Scratch - a contributor to the UK fly fishing forum which has stayed with me. He argued that you should tie flies that really please your eyes, which appeal to your own visual senses and intution. Such perceptions sustain great confidence when on the water.  I could not agree more.   


Here are a few more patterns that I tied and plan to try. 

CDC and Lace Emerger 
Hook: Timeco 212Y
Body: Black silk ribbed with fine green D-Rib lace 
Thorax: green and black seals fur mixed dubbed hook point side of the wing
Wing:  Two CDC  feathers tied upwing 

CDC Puff Buzzer Emerger
Hook: Fly to the left -Klinghammer Emerger, Fly to the right, Tiemco 206BL
Shuck: White Antron or Z-lon looped
Body: Seals fur 
Rib:Clear wrap (sparton)
Thorax:  red, orange seals fur mixed along with a pinch of pearl UV dubbing
Wing; White CDC  feathers

Black Buzzer Shuttlecock emerger
Hook: Kamazan B160
Body: Black seals fur
Rib: Clear wrap (Sparton)
Thorax: Orange mixed with pearl UV
Breathers: Two CDC feathers

Shuttlecock Emerger (with mirage shuck)
Hook: Kamasan B100 (flies 1 and 2) Tiemco2499SP-BL
Shuck: 2-3 strands of Mirage Krystalflash
Body: seals fur mixture
Thorax: orange and read seals fur mixed with a pinch of UV dubbing
Beathers/wing - 2 CDC feathers.

And so, that was the latest prolific session at the bench. Thank you for reading this post.


  1. Beautiful flies, Martin. And a fine mess of fish to boot.

  2. Lovely flies...I like your style...

  3. Thank you Mark. It was a good evening's sport - they liked that CDC pattern. We kept the fish for the freezer and eventually the table.

    Thank you Erin. By the way, thanks for the dressing for the soft hackle - intented to say so.

  4. Cracking flies! I love the inventiveness! Great twist to somewhat traditional patterns. I like your blog, could you email me on