Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Dubbing and hook storage

I am a fly tying and material junkie. I love fly tying and everything about it, including collecting and trying out new materials. I even find searching and buying materials thoroughly enjoyable. Yet it is addictive.  I recall reading of an experienced tyer being asked by a novice what somebody needed to start tying flies - the tyer replies, 'a shed'. Very true, we are incurable hoarders!I want to keep materials more compact and at hand.

Some of the Dubbings
But probably like most tyers, my dubbing collection is turning into a morass of fur and synthetic. I began looking for consolidation.

By chance, I came across two chest of drawers at an antique store for £105.00 - that screamed dubbing and hook storage or possibly flies.

It was orignally old type-face storage box. Most drawers have loads of small compartments - which are on the small side.  Below are some with some of the above dubbing boxes added to the new system.
Fine and Dry dubbing
Seal's fur Mixtures

Seals Fur - Greens, olives and yellows
Here is one drawer for wet fly, buzzer and long shank hooks.

It seems OK so far, I am enjoying the consolidation. I just hope my two year old does not decide he wants to expect some Kamasan hooks. Thank you for reading this post.


  1. i also am a dubbing addict. Welcome! You have just made the first step towards recovery/organization. haha.. i really like the box for your organization. looks like you got em seperated by material and Roy G. Biv. nice. I've always wanted an architects/engineers storage desk (similar to the type-set but larger) to store my capes/feathers in.

  2. Hi Swamp Yankee. Thank you for your comment, it is comforting to know I am not alone in the dubbing addiction (ha ha). I hope you find your architects storage desk and would be interested in seeing this.

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