Thursday, 13 September 2012

Daddy Snatchers

I came across a lovely wet Daddy Snatcher tied by Dave McPhail which caught my eye. I had to tie a few up for the box and several variants. I can see this working very well on the top dropper - useful for my forthcoming trip. Here are a few patterns that may be of interest and which may provoke some further ideas. 
 Daddy Snatcher
Hook: Fulling Mill Supergrub size 10
Thread: Wine UTC 7/0 
Body: Pheasant tail
Rib: Fine Gold oval
Wing: Cree cock hackle tips
Legs: Three or four knotted pheasant tail tied in at each side
First hackle: two or three turns of red cock hackle
Second hackle: Red hen hackle  (optional)

   Claret Daddy Sntacher
Hook: Fulling Mill Supergrub Size 10
Body: Black claret seals fur
Body hackle: Black or claret cock hackle
Rib: Fine oval gold wire
Wing: Grizzle or badger hackle tips
Legs: Three of Four Claret knotted pheasant tail legs on each side
Hackle: Claret Cock Hackle or Black

Fiery Brown Daddy Snatcher
Hook: Fulling Mill subergrub, size 10
Body: Fiery Brown fritz straggle hackle
Body hackle: Fiery Brown Cock hackle 
Rib: Oval gold wire
Wing: Cree hackle points
Legs: Three of Four Orange knotted pheasant tail legs tied on each side
Head hackle: Fiery brown cock hackle

Gold Daddy Snatcher
Hook: Fulling Mill Supergrub size 10
Body: Gold micro-fritz
Body hackle: Ginger cock hackle
Rib: gold oval tinsel
Wing; GP Tippets
Legs: Claret or Natural knotted pheasant tail legs

Thorax: Gold micro-fritz
Hackle: A few turns of Ginger cock or hen hackle tied over the thorax

For the pattern on the left, I have tied several knotted legs at the rear and followed through the with usal set of legs after the wing.


  1. Absolutely gorgeous! Stunning ties.

  2. Great bushy flies for good flotation. Thanks for the inspiration. Nicely tied.

  3. These are poppers I've been looking for. For sure I will have a plenty of catch of it. Columbia river sturgeon fishing.