Friday, 27 April 2012

A super day with the brownies

Returned to my local resevoir recently. With  a reasonable temperature. a small hatch of black midge and fish rising near the dam wall, the scene looked very promising.  I set up a 18ft leader with three nymphs on a floating line; with a JC Dawl Bach on the top, the black buzzer on the middle and a black cruncher on the point.

It turned out to be a thrilling and highly memorable day- with the action fast and furious. Fish in the 10-12" bracket were falling to all three flies on the cast. On two occasions, two at a time took to the cast - great fun!

The fish were all in superb condition and fought very well.

A stunning looking brownie, to me - on the black epozy buzzer, Size 10.

Another Brownie being patient while I stumble with the camera!
The variant of the Welsh super-nymph, a small JC Dawl Bach, works its magic again. The peacock herl body has unravelled and they still want it! 
Another one falled to the Dawl Bach JC, Size 12.

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